The following datasets have been aggregated from numerous sources in their raw form and are being made freely available for non-commercial, academic use, with attribution requested for Circumpolar Health Observatory. The usage license corresponds to the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike designation.

The datasets have been uploaded in Excel format.

Note all datasets are standardized to cover the regions defined in the coverage map.  Each dataset is accompanied by a Methodological Note describing the underlying concepts, definitions, and data sources. Links to the various national and international statistical and health agencies are provided but these are liable to change.

The health indicators are organized into three sections: (I) Population and Health Status; (II) Health Determinants; and (III) Health Care Resources.


I.              Population and Health Status
1. Population  Mean annual population; proportion aged <15 and 65+; population density; population growth XLSX Notes
2. Fertility Crude birth rate; secondary sex ratio; total fertility rate; age-specific fertility rate 15-19, 20-24, 25-29,
XLSX Notes
3. Mortality Crude death rate; infant mortality rate; age-standardized mortality rate for selected causes; life expectancy at birth XLSX Notes
4. Disease Incidence Crude incidence rates of tuberculosis  and gonorrhea; age-standardized incidence rate of selected cancer sites XLSX Notes
5. Reproductive Outcomes Perinatal mortality rate XLSX Notes
II.            Health Determinants
6. Socioeconomic Conditions Gross domestic product per capita; employment rate; tertiary educational attainment rate XLSX Notes
7. Health Behaviours Smoking prevalence XLSX Notes
III.          Health Care Resources
8. Health Expenditures Current health expenditure per capita XLSX Notes
9. Health Workforce Density of physicians, dentists, and nurses XLSX Notes
10. Health Facilities Rate of hospital beds XLSX Notes