Visualizer Overview

Selected portions of the datasets have been visualized through the interacting thematic mapping and graphing functionality offered by StatPlanet, a free application created by UNESCO and affiliated organizations.

The following Flash-driven thematic maps are currently available:


Set I

Population Total population, population density
Fertility I Livebirths by mother’s age, total fertility rate
Fertility II Sex ratio of livebirths
Mortality I Death rate
Mortality II Life expectancy at birth, infant mortality
Reproductive Outcomes I Livebirths by birthweight, livebirths by gestational age
Reproductive Outcomes II Perinatal mortality

Set II

Cancer Incidence I Female – All Sites, Lung, Colon/Rectum, Breast, Cervical
Cancer Incidence II Male – All Sites, Lung, Colon/Rectum, Prostate
Infectious Disease Incidence Tuberculosis, Gonorrhea
Behaviours Smoking
Socioeconomic Tertiary educational attainment
GDP Per capita gross domestic product
Physical Mean temperature


Health Expenditures per capita in USD-PPP
Health Facilities hospital beds per 100, 000
Health Workforce physicians, dentists, nurses per 100, 000

Note that in these visualizations, the regional rather than national character of the datasets have been stressed.