A Persistent spirit: towards understanding aboriginal health in British Columbia

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1. Culture Contact, Demography and Health Among the Aboriginal Peoples of British Columbia / Steven Acheson. 2. Native Health in British Columbia: A Vital Statistics Perspective / L. T. Foster, J. Macdonald, T. A. Tuk, S. H. Uh and D. Talbot. 3. Mind-Body-Place: A Geography of Aboriginal Health in British Columbia / Susan J. Elliott and Leslie T. Foster. 4. Changing Traditional Diet and Nutrition in Aboriginal Peoples of Coastal British Columbia / Jennifer Hopkinson, Peter H. Stephenson and Nancy J. Turner. 5. Resistance Knowledges: Therapy with Aboriginal Persons Who Have Experienced Violence / Allan Wade. 6. Aboriginal Suicide Rates: Indicators of Needy Communities / Mary Cooper. 7. Aboriginal Midwifery in British Columbia: A Narrative Untold / Celina Benoit and Dena Carroll. 8. Epidemiology of Cancer in First Nations People in British Columbia / T. G. Hislop and Pierre R. Band. 9. Diabetes and Aboriginal Peoples: The Haida Gwaii Diabetes Project in a Global Perspective / M. Clare Heffernan. 10. Issues in Health Management Promoting First Nations Wellness in Times of Change / Simon Read. 11. S’huli ‘Utl Quw’utsun/the Spirit of Cowichan: A Journey through the Tsewultun Health Centre Huytseep Qu Nu Siiye’yu Kwun’s ‘I M’i Ewu’u Tuna Tsewultun / Diane Modeste, Diana Elliott, Carmen Gendron, Bill Greenwell, Donna Johnny, Heather Payne, Gail Peekeekoot, Ruby Peter, Rebecca Rice and Charlotte Williams. 12. Rebuilding: Listen with the Ears of your Eyes / Jill Harris.


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. A Persistent spirit: towards understanding aboriginal health in British Columbia. : ; 1995.