Arctic doom, Arctic boom : the geopolitics of climate change in the Arctic

Series: Security and the environment.

Author(s): Zellen, Barry Scott, 1963-

Publisher: Praeger

Place of Publication: Santa Barbara, Calif.

Type: Book

Page Count: xi, 232 p.


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Zellen (National Security Affairs, Naval Postgraduate School) explores the geopolitics of the circumpolar North from both a historical and contemporary perspective, arguing that global warming is changing our very conception of the Arctic. While climate change is wreaking environmental havoc on plants, animals, and indigenous people, it is also opening up the Arctic Ocean to commerce and energy exploration. The author suggests that these new economic opportunities at least in part offset global warming’s bad effects. Zellen also discusses the strategic role of the Arctic in the defense of the U.S. This book effectively presents a perspective not usually heard in discussions of global warming and the Arctic. Praeger is an imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC. Annotation c2009 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR ( Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.


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Zellen, Barry Scott, 1963-. Arctic doom, Arctic boom : the geopolitics of climate change in the Arctic. Santa Barbara, Calif.: Praeger; 2009.