Arctic dreams : imagination and desire in a northern landscape

Description of the arctic based on the author's travels and reading.

Author(s): Lopez, Barry Holstun, 1945-

Publisher: Scribner

Place of Publication: New York

Type: Book

Page Count: xxix, 464 p.


Year of Publication:



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Barry Lopez has been hailed as a “master nature writer” by The New York Times Book Review, and Arctic Dreams is undoubtedly his masterwork. Set amidst the shimmering seas of Northern ice, Arctic Dreams leads readers on a journey of the mind and heart into a place that grips the imagination and invigorates the soul. Part adventure tale and part meditation on the art of exploration, this magical book dazzles with the wonder of the aurora borealis; the awesome power of polar bears and killer whales; the monumental grandeur of migrating icebergs; and the beauty and nobility of the Arctic’s indigenous people. Evocative and everlasting, Arctic Dreams is a classic. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.


Biomedical (Vancouver Style):

Lopez, Barry Holstun, 1945-. Arctic dreams : imagination and desire in a northern landscape. New York: Scribner; 1986.