Cultural and social research in Greenland : selected essays 1992-2010

Publisher: Ilisimatusarfik/Atuagkat

Place of Publication: Nuuk

Type: Book

Page Count: 419 p.


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Greenland and the World: the impact of World War II on Danish-Greenlandic relations (1993) — Late-aristocratic spirit. An essay about the polar researcher Eigil Knuth (2008-09) — Income distributio in West Greenland in the Second half of the nineteenth century (1997) — Finding and inventing his niche: on Knud Rasmussen’s ‘new people’ (2004-05) — Adoption in Greenland: a historical overview (2008-09) — Greenland chat: language encounter in cyberspace (2006-07) — Yo! Wha Up Eskimo? Late-modern linguistic behavior among youth in Nuuk (2004-05) — Learned to read – and then what? Greenlandic books in North Greenland 1791-1850 — West Greenlanders’ view of east Greenlanders over time – the discourse in Atuagagdliutit from 1861 to the First World War and in Greenlandic literature (1998-99) — That’s the way it is: Aesthetic experiences in two photo books about Greenland (2006-09) — ‘Proxemic Nuuk’: Town and urban life with Nuuk as example (2004-05) — Fieldwork, method and theory – media research in Greenland (1998-99) — The making of the Greenlandic workers movement (2003) — Historical changes in equal opportunity in Greenland as a factor for the development of welfare (2003) — Are subsistence activitis in the Arctic a part of the reality of the market economy, or is the market economy a part of a substance based mixed economy? (2006-07) — A musico-teological topos in a Greenlandic narrative: a note on the story of Akamalic (2003) — Mirroring the centuries – 300 years of perceiving Hans Egede, the Apostle of Greenland (2006-07)


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. Cultural and social research in Greenland : selected essays 1992-2010. Nuuk: Ilisimatusarfik/Atuagkat; 2010.