Disrobing the aboriginal industry : the deception behind indigenous cultural preservation

Author(s): Widdowson, Frances, 1966-

Publisher: McGill-Queen's University Press

Place of Publication: Montreal [Que.]

Type: Book

Page Count: 330 p.


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Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry argues that the policies proposed to address these problems – land claims and self government – are in fact contributing to their entrenchment. By examining the root causes of aboriginal problems, Frances Widdowson and Albert Howard expose the industry that has grown up around land claim settlements, showing that aboriginal policy development over the past thirty years has been manipulated by non-aboriginal lawyers and consultants. They analyse all the major aboriginal policies, examine issues that have received little critical attention – child care, health care, education, traditional knowledge – and propose the comprehensive government provision of health, education, and housing rather than deficient delivery through Native self-government. Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry presents a convincing argument that the “Aboriginal Industry” has failed to address the fundamental economic and cultural basis of native problems, leading instead to policies that offer a financial benefit to the leadership while entrenching the misery of most aboriginal people.


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Widdowson, Frances, 1966- . Disrobing the aboriginal industry : the deception behind indigenous cultural preservation. Montreal [Que.]: McGill-Queen's University Press; 2008.