First peoples in a New World: colonizing ice age America

Author(s): Meltzer, David J.

Publisher: University of California Press, c2009.

Place of Publication: Berkeley

Type: Book

Page Count: xviii, 446 p. 16 p. of plates : ill. (some col.), maps


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Overture — The landscape of colonization : glaciers, climates, and environments of Ice Age North America — From Paleoliths to Paleoindians — The pre-Clovis controversy and its resolution — Non-archaeological answers to archaeological questions — American origins : the search for consensus — What do you do when no one’s been there before? — Clovis adaptations and Pleistocene extinctions — Settling in : Late Paleoindians and the waning Ice Age — When past and present collide — Further reading — Notes — References — Index


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Meltzer, David J.. First peoples in a New World: colonizing ice age America. Berkeley: University of California Press, c2009.; 2009.