Handbook of critical and indigenous methodologies

Author(s): Denzin, Norman K., Lincoln, Yvonna S., Smith, Linda Tuhiwai, 1950-

Publisher: Sage

Place of Publication: Los Angeles

Type: Book

Page Count: xv, 604 p. : ill.


Year of Publication:



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Preface / Norman K. Denzin / Yvonna S. Lincoln, 1. Introduction: Critical Methodologies and Indigenous Inquiry / Norman K. Denzin / Yvonna S. Lincoln P.1, Pt. I. Locating the Field: Performing Theories of Decolonizing Inquiry P.21, 2. Decolonizing Performances: Deconstructing the Global Postcolonial / Beth Blue Swadener / Kagendo Mutua P.31, 3. Feminisms From Unthought Locations: Indigenous Worldviews, Marginalized Feminisms, and Revisioning an Anticolonial Social Science / Gaile S. Cannella / Kathryn D. Manuelito P.45, 4. Waiting for the Call: The Moral Activist Role of Critical Race Theory Scholarship / Gloria Ladson-Billings / Jamel K. Donnor P.61, 5. Critical Race Theory and Indigenous Methodologies / Christopher Dunbar, Jr. P.85, 6. Queer(y)ing the Postcolonial Through the West(ern) / Bryant Keith Alexander P.101, 7. Indigenous Knowledges in Education: Complexities, Dangers, and Profound Benefits / Joe L. Kincheloe / Shirley R. Steinberg P.135, 8. Do You Believe in Geneva? Methods and Ethics at the Global-Local Nexus / Michelle Fine / Eve Tuck / Sarah Zeller-Berkman P.157, 9. Challenging Neoliberalisms New World Order: The Promise of Critical Pedagogy / Henry A. Giroux / Susan Searls Giroux P.181, 10. Rethinking Critical Pedagogy: Socialismo Nepantla and the Specter of Che / Nathalia Jaramillo / Peter McLaren P.191, Pt. II. Critical and Indigenous Pedagogies P.211, 11. Indigenous and Authentic: Hawaiian Epistemology and the Triangulation of Meaning / Manulani Aluli Meyer P.217, 12. Red Pedagogy: The Un-Methodology / Sandy Grande P.233, 13. Borderland-Mestizaje Feminism: The New Tribalism / Cinthya M. Saavedra / Ellen D. Nymark P.255, 14. When the Ground Is Black, the Ground Is Fertile: Exploring Endarkened Feminist Epistemology and Healing Methodologies of the Spirit / Cynthia B. Dillard P.277, 15. An Islamic Perspective on Knowledge, Knowing, and Methodology / Christopher Darius Stonebanks P.293, Pt. III. Critical and Indigenous Methodologies P.323, 16. History, Myth, and Identity in the New Indian Story / Elizabeth Cook-Lynn P.329, 17. “Self” and “Other”: Auto-Reflexive and Indigenous Ethnography / Keyun G. Tomaselli / Lauren Dyll / Michael Francis P.347, 18. Autoethnography Is Queer / Tony E. Adams / Stacy Holman Jones P.373, 19. Narrative Poetics and Performative Interventions / D. Soyini Madison P.391, 20. Reading the Visual, Tracking the Global: Postcolonial Feminist Methodology and the Chameleon Codes of Resistance / Radhika Parameswaran P.407, Pt. IV. Power, Truth, Ethics, and Social Justice P.429, 21. Te Kotahitanga: Kaupapa Maori in Mainstream Classrooms / Russell Bishop P.439, 22. Modern Democracy: The Complexities Behind Appropriating Indigenous Models of Governance and Implementation / Tim Begaye P.459, 23. Rethinking Collaboration: Working the Indigene-Colonizer Hyphen / Alison Jones / Kuni Jenkins P.471, 24. Seven Orientations for the Development of Indigenous Science Education / Gregory Cajete P.487, 25. Research Ethics for Protecting Indigenous Knowledge and Heritage: Institutional and Researcher Responsibilities / Marie Battiste P.497, 26. Justice as Healing: Going Outside the Colonizers’ Cage / Wanda D. McCaslin / Denise C. Breton P.511, 27. The South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC): Ways of Knowing Mrs. Konile / Antjie Krog / Nosisi Mpolweni-Zarzrsi / Kopano Ratele P.531, 28. Transnational, National, and Indigenous Racial Subjects: Moving From Critical Discourse to Praxis / Luis Miron P.547, 29. Epilogue: The Lions Speak / Yvonna S. Lincoln / Norman K. Denzin P.563, Author Index P.573, Subject Index P.585, About the Editors P.597, About the Contributors P.599


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Denzin, Norman K., Lincoln, Yvonna S., Smith, Linda Tuhiwai, 1950-. Handbook of critical and indigenous methodologies. Los Angeles: Sage; 2008.