IWGIA : a history

Series: (Document ; no. 125)

Author(s): Dahl, Jens.

Publisher: IWGIA

Place of Publication: Copenhagen

Type: Book

Page Count: 208 p. ill.


Year of Publication:



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This book reviews one of the first organizations to be established in support of indigenous peoples. IWGIA was founded in 1968 by anthropologists concerned at the atrocities being committed against Indians in South America. Within a few years, a small group of dedicated scholars working on a voluntary basis established a documentation centre that became well-known to concerned people all over the world. Out of these beginnings grew a professional organization, which while still being involved in documentation embarked on international human rights activities, empowerment projects, publishing, and information dissemination.


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Dahl, Jens.. IWGIA : a history. Copenhagen: IWGIA; 2009.