Public health administration: principles for population-based management

2nd ed.

Author(s): Novick, Lloyd F. and Morrow Cynthia B. and Mays Glen P.

Publisher: Jones and Bartlett Pub.

Place of Publication: Sudbury, Mass.

Type: Book

Page Count: xxi, 797 p. : ill., maps


Year of Publication:





Ch. 1. Defining public health : historical and contemporary developments / Lloyd F. Novick / Cynthia B. Morrow P.1. Ch. 2. A framework for public health administration and practice / Lloyd F. Novick / Cynthia B. Morrow P.35. Ch. 3. Organization of the public health delivery system / Glen P. Mays P.69. Ch. 4. Public health law / Lawrence O. Gostin P.127. Ch. 5. Ethics in public health practice and management / Ruth Gaare Bernheim P.149. Ch. 6. Legislative relations in public health / Stephanie A. Kennan P.161. Ch. 7. Financing the public’s health / Perri S. Leviss P.189. Ch. 8. The public health workforce / Margaret A. Potter / Kristine M. Gebbie / Hugh H. Tilson P.225. Ch. 9. Human resources management / Janet E. Porter / Tausha D. Robertson / Lee Thielen P.261. Ch. 10. Leadership for public health / Tausha D. Robertson / Claudia S. P. Fernandez / Janet E. Porter P.281. Ch. 11. Public health data acquisition / C. Virginia Lee P.297. Ch. 12. Geographic information systems for public health / Alan L. Melnick P.329. Ch. 13. Using information systems for public health administration / James Studnicki / Donald J. Berndt / John W. Fisher P.353. Ch. 14. Public health surveillance / Benjamin Silk / Theresa Hatzell Hoke / Ruth Berkelman P.381. Ch. 15. Assessment and strategic planning in public health / Lloyd F. Novick / Cynthia B. Morrow / Glen P. Mays P.411. Ch. 16. Building constituencies for public health / Michael T. Hatcher / Ray M. Nicola P.443. Ch. 17. Performance management : the evolution of standards, measurement, and quality improvement in public health / Laura B. Landrum / Leslie M. Beitsch / Bernard J. Turnock / Arden S. Handler P.459. Ch. 18. Evaluation of public health interventions / Michael A. Stoto / Leon E. Cosler P.495. Ch. 19. Community-based prevention / Elizabeth A. Baker / Ross C. Brownson P.545. Ch. 20. Communication and media relations / Cynthia B. Morrow / Douglas Hirano / Brad Christensen P.567. Ch. 21. Public health education and health promotion / Judith M. Ottoson / Lawrence W. Green P.589. Ch. 22. Using marketing in public health / Lynne Doner Lotenberg / Michael Siegel P.621. Ch. 23. Roles and responsibilities of public health in disaster preparedness and response / Linda Young Landesman / Cynthia B. Morrow P.657. Ch. 24. Evidence for the future / Glen P. Mays P.715.


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Novick, Lloyd F. and Morrow Cynthia B. and Mays Glen P.. Public health administration: principles for population-based management. Sudbury, Mass. : Jones and Bartlett Pub.; 2008.