The Canadian north : issues and challenges

Other titles: Geography of the Canadian north. 3rd edition

Author(s): Bone, Robert M.

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Place of Publication: Don Mills, Ont

Type: Book

Page Count: x, 310 p. : ill., maps


Year of Publication:



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This new edition of Robert Bone’s The Canadian North: Issues and Challenges has been thoroughly revised and updated to highlight the most current issues facing Canada’s North and satisfy the renewed public interest in this region. Diamond mining, Arctic sovereignty, Aboriginal life, Megaprojects, and climate change are just some of the topics covered. Recent changes in the economic and political landscape of the Canadian North are also discussed. To ensure relevance and accuracy, 2006 Canadian Census data and statistics-the most recent available-are included. An updated art program contains informative new maps, photographs, and satellite images. Engaging new vignettes showcase the set of unique challenges the North faces. There is simply no other text on the market that provides such current, comprehensive, and cutting-edge coverage of the Canadian North. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.


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Bone, Robert M. . The Canadian north : issues and challenges. Don Mills, Ont: Oxford University Press; 2009.