The Greenland mummies

Author(s): Jens Peder Hart Hansen; Jørgen Meldgaard; Jørgen Nordqvist

Publisher: Smithsonian Institution Press

Place of Publication: Washington, D.C.

Type: Book

Page Count: 192 p


Year of Publication:



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An English edition of the abundantly illustrated work (b&w and color) first published in Danish (Christian Ejlers’ Forlag) and in Greenlandic (The Greenland Museum, Nuuk) in 1985. Documents the investigations of an international team of scientists into what could be learned from the discovery of the mummified remains of six women and two children who died around 1475–the oldest well-preserved bodies in the whole Arctic region. The report provides substantial insight into the life and culture of the Inuit and, in addition, an impressive example of how the best archaeological investigations are conducted. Including numerous photos, this book describes “the oldest known find of well-preserved humans in the entire Arctic cultural community” and the history and lifestyle of the Inuit.


Biomedical (Vancouver Style):

Jens Peder Hart Hansen; Jørgen Meldgaard; Jørgen Nordqvist. The Greenland mummies. Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Institution Press; 1991.