The health consequences of “modernization” : evidence from circumpolar peoples

Series: Cambridge studies in biological anthropology.

Author(s): Shephard, Roy J., Rode, A. (Andris), 1940-

Publisher: Cambridge University Press,

Place of Publication: Cambridge ; New York

Type: Book

Page Count: xiii, 306 p.


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What are the health consequences of a transition from an active ‘hunter-gatherer’ lifestyle to that of sedentary modern living? In this book, the impact of ‘modernization’ is assessed in various populations in the circumpolar regions. The hazards of living in polar regions, and the adaptations shown culturally, behaviourally and physically by the indigenous peoples are examined and the effect of changes in habitual activity, diet, and general lifestyle due to more urban living patterns on the body composition, pulmonary function and susceptibility to disease discussed. The implications of this switch are important not only for all those concerned about the survival of indigenous communities around the world, but for all of us living in an increasingly sedentary, urban environment. Anthropologists, physiologists and those interested in population fitness will find this a comprehensive and valuable volume. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.


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Shephard, Roy J., Rode, A. (Andris), 1940-. The health consequences of “modernization” : evidence from circumpolar peoples. Cambridge ; New York: Cambridge University Press,; 1996.