What mothers say : the Canadian Maternity Experiences Survey

Author(s): Bartholomew, Sharon.

Publisher: Public Health Agency of Canada

Place of Publication: Ottawa, Ont.

Type: Book

Page Count: vi, 225 p.


Year of Publication:



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Health and place in rural Canad / A.M. Williams and J.C. Kulig — Rural health status and determinants in Canada / M. DesMeules, R.W. Pong, J. Read Guernsey, F. Wang, W. Luo, and M.P. Dressler — Children, youth, and young adults and the gap in health status between urban and rural Canadians / A. Ostry — Health services utilization in rural Canada : are there distinct rural patterns? / R.W. Pong, M. DesMeules, J. Read Guernsey, D. Manuel, A. Kazanjian, and F. Wang — Geographical distribution or rural health human resources / J. Roger Pitblado — Rural Health Training Institute / P. Goodman — Building capacity in rural health services : the efect of continuing education / S. Habjan, K. Kortes-Miller, M.L. Kelley, H. Sullivan, and L. Pisco — The rural-urban continuum as place : what can be learned from the Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS)- mental health and well-being? / C.H. Nelson and J. Park — Transcending boundaries: collaborating to improve access to health services in Northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan / A. Moss, F. Racher, B. Jeffery, C. Hamilton, M. Burles, and R.C. Annis — Virtual health-care communities : the use of web-based and mobile intelligent technologies for risk assessment and health management in rural and remote communities / A. Barranco-Mendoza and D. Persaud — Service delivery change in three Pacific communities / D. Ramsey and K. Beesley — Integrating policy, research, and community development : a case study of developing rural palliative care / M.L. Kelley, W. Sletmoen, A.M. Williams, S. Nadin, and T. Puiras — Rural mental health services in Canada : a model for research and practice / C. Brannen, K. Dyck, C. Hardy, and C. Mushquash — Health literacy in rural communities : challenges and champions / D. Gillis and S. Sears — Potholes along the roads : the ethics of health research in rural and remote Canada / S. Wilson-Forsberg and J. Easley — “Beyond tired of driving that far” : HIV/AIDS information exchange in rural Canada / R. Harris, T. Veinot, L. Bella, and J. Krajnak — Shifting the burden : the effects of home-based palliative care on family caregivers in rural areas / R. Donovan and A. Williams — Pain and palliative care with seniors in Canada’s Northern Territories / N. Novik and M. MacLean — Reflections on the socio-economic and psycho-social impacts of BSE on rural and farm families in Canada / V. Pletsch, C. Amaratunga, W. Corneil, S. Crowe, and D. Krewski — Decolonizing First Nations health / K. Jacklin and W. Warry — Access to primary health care in rural and remote Aboriginal communities : progress, challenges, and policy directions / J.G. Lavoie and L. Gervais — Bridging the gap : accessing health care in remote Métis communities / B. Krieg — Diversity among older adults in rural Canada : health in context / N. Keating and J. Eales — Looming dementia care crisis : are Canadian rural and remote settings ready? / D.A. Forbes and P. Hawranik — Health- and Social-Care issues in aging resource communities / M. Skinner, N. Hanlon, and G. Halseth — Rural women’s health promotion needs and resources : a photovoice perspective / B. Leipert, T. Landry, C. McWilliam, M.L. Kelley, D. Forbers, P. Wakewich, and J. George — The future of rural health research : concluding thoughts / J.C. Kulig and A.M. Williams.


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Bartholomew, Sharon.. What mothers say : the Canadian Maternity Experiences Survey. Ottawa, Ont.: Public Health Agency of Canada; 2009.