World report on violence and health

Author(s): Krug, Etienne G., World Health Organization

Publisher: World Health Organization

Place of Publication: Geneva, Switzerland

Type: Book, Electronic Resource

Page Count: xxii, 346 p. : ill.


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The World Health Organization launched the first World report on violence and health on October 3rd, 2002. Since then, more than 30 governments have organized national launches or policy discussions about the Report, and resolutions endorsing the Report and calling for its implementation have been passed in a number of fora, such as the World Health Assembly, the United Nations High Commission on Human Rights, and the African Union. The World report on violence and health is the first comprehensive review of the problem of violence on a global scale É__ what it is, whom it affects and what can be done about it. Three years in the making, the report benefited from the participation of over 160 experts from around the world, receiving both peer-review from scientists and contributions and comments from representatives of all the worldÉ__s regions.


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Krug, Etienne G., World Health Organization. World report on violence and health. Geneva, Switzerland: World Health Organization; 2002.